30K – Legion Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

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Legion Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

Legion Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

The Typhon has been apply named the “Great Beast“. It was designed by the Martian Mechanicum in direct response to the request of the Primarch Peturabo of the Iron Warriors. Built on the same chassis as the Legion Spartan Assault Tank, the Typhon maintains the Spartan’s resilience while carrying the massive firepower of the Dreadhammer Siege Cannon.

BS4 F14 S14 R14 HP6


Legion Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

Legion Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

  • Dreadhammer Siege Cannon – R24″/48″ S10 AP1 Primary Weapon, Massive Blast (7″), No Cover Saves Allowed
    • Primary Weapon – roll 2 dice for armor penetration and select the highest
    • If the Typhon has moved use the R24″

Special Rules

  • Crushing Weight – add + 1 to all rolls on the Thunderblitz table when making a Ram or Tank Shock attack
  • Super-heavy Vehicle

This is a superb model that precisely captures the design of a siege weapon in the 30th millennium. The main armament, the Dreadhammer Siege Cannon, combines range, firepower, and most importantly the Ignores Cover special rule. The 7″ blast radius makes this a fantastic weapon to thin out infantry. In addition, the combination of the Primary Weapon special rule and AP1 makes the Dreadhammer one of the few weapons that could potentially explode a Spartan in a single shot.

The Typhon has few threats on the battlefield. Some exceptions are Lascannon Iron Havocs and the Sicaran Venator Tank Destroyer or its larger chassis the Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer. The Iron Havocs speak for themselves but the tanks are especially concerning. Both of these tanks have Neutron weapons that are S10 AP1 and have the Shock Pulse special rule. Shock Pulse states that any vehicle including a Super-heavy that suffers a penetrating hit can only Snap Fire in the subsequent turn. This completely nullifies the Typhon. However, neither of these weapons have the Ignores Cover special rule which with good positioning behind ruins can potentially prevent a round of Snap Fire. Infantry with chainfists can also be a threat. However, if infantry get too close, the Typhon can Thunderblitz and with the Crushing Weight special rule has a 33% chance of delivering 2D6 S10 AP2 hits.

Currently, I use the Typhon in an Imperial Fists Legion with Alexis Polux as its Warlord. Polux’s warlord trait, Master Tactician, allows me to re-deploy or place a unit into or out of reserves. This provides me with some tactical flexibility with deploying the Typhon. Adding Lascannon sponsons and Armoured Ceramite places the Typhon’s point cost similar to that of a Primarch. So far, I have not been disappointed. Just be mindful of the Neutron weapons. As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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Legion Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

Legion Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

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  • Jared Wheeler

    Death guard love vindicators and this is the evolved form. Seems pretty strong.

    • For The Emporer

      I couldn’t agree more. It really fits in with Iron Warriors too. Just a shame you can’t use their respective Primarchs in the same list.

      • terry

        You can if you use the Onslaught Force Organization Chart!

        • For The Emporer

          Ah ha!!! Yes that is right. Thank you!