30K – Relics of the Dark Age of Technology – Part 1

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Relics of the Dark Age of Technology

Relics of the Dark Age of Technology

Relics of the Dark Age of Technology come from the Forgeworld Horus Heresy Book 4 – Conquest. There are 28 Relics available to Independent Characters provided they meet the limitations. Special Characters (i.e. Unique Type) may not take Relics of the Dark Age of Technology. This will be the first of a multi-post review of these artifacts.

  • Nanyte BlasterR12″ S5 AP2 Assault 1, Fleshbane, Uncontrolled Replication
    • Uncontrolled Replication – Should a model be slain by the Nannyte Blaster, roll a D6 and on a 4+ center a Large Blast marker on the model’s position and resolve a Blast marker attack at S5 AP2. Further casualties may themselves trigger further Uncontrolled Replications.

This relic is crazy good! It’s conceivable that an entire infantry unit could be annihilated by one Uncontrolled Replication shot. That being said, a number of things need to happen in succession for this to occur. The Nanyte Blaster is costly and comes in at the equivalent point cost of a Legion Land Speeder. I see this Relic being incorporated into Drop Pod or Deep Striking Terminator armies. This is where equipping your units with Nuncio-voxes can pay off.

  • Warp Shunt Field – The bearer gains a 3+ Invulnerable save against Shooting attacks only. In addition, for every 6 save rolled against enemy Shooting attacks that draw line of sight between the shooter and target, the enemy unit that fired the shot takes D6 S5 AP- hits.

This Relic is meh. Maybe in a footslogging army without access to a Cyber-familiar or other form of 3+ Invulnerable save this can be useful. Just remember the Cyber-familiar can not be taken to upgrade to a 2+ Invulnerable save. This Relic comes it at the cost of a Legion Drop Pod.

  • Phase Walker – Instead of moving normally in the movement phase, the bearer may be removed and replaced anywhere on the table so long as they are not engaged in an assault, or inside a transport/building. If the model is placed within line of sight of the original location, they are positioned where the player desires. If the location is outside the line of sight make Dangerous Terrain test for every solid object  along the path (i.e. all models, vehicles, terrain pieces, buildings etc.) As long as the Character survives place them in the new desired position. The Character then counts as having been deployed via Deep Strike and so counts as having moved but may Shoot or Run as normal.

This is an interesting Relic and has an Eldar ring to it. Legions that could take advantage of the Phase Walker would be those with the Move Through Cover special rule. Examples are the Death Guard using the Rite of Ward: The Reaper, Salamanders using the Rite of War: The Covenant of Fire, and Alpha Legion’s Mutable Tactics can provide the Legion with the Move Through Cover special rule. I see this being used to get your Independent Character out of site to save his hide, close enough to threaten back line units, or take late game objectives assuming you are not locked up in combat. This Relic comes in at the cost of a Techmarine Covenant.

  • Combat Augment Array – Once per game and at the start of the player’s turn, the Character may count any dice roll as automatically rolling a 6. At the end of the phase, the model has to make a Toughness test for each wound he has remaining. Every failed test results in a Wound with no saves of any kind and no Feel No Pain rolls.

There is only one thing that immediately comes to mind, Praetor with Paragon Blade causing Instant Death in close combat. An alternative use could be during your Psychic phase to ensure casting a psychic power and then chance the Perils of the Warp. This also come in at the cost of a Legion Drop Pod.

  • Cloaking Array – Once per game, at the start of your game turn the bearer may not be targeted by shooting  or declared the subject of a Charge. Psykers and Daemon rule are not affected by the Cloaking Array. If the Character with the Cloaking Array be shot or assaulted by a Psyker or Daemon rule model, it ceases to function immediately. The bearer may not be joined to another unit or engaged in assault. In addition, the bearer may not Move, Shoot, Charge, or declare any other actions while in effect.

Well this reminds me of Frodo and the Ring. For the cost of a Legion Reaper Weapons Battery you have the ability to save your Characters behind when all looks lost. All joking aside, I do see the use when trying to hold an objective in the last then of a game.

I think each of the Relics have their merit with certain ones clearly standing out. As always let me know your thoughts.





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  • Michael Shaw

    i love the nanyte blaster, took it on my artificer armor praetor cause as the paragon blade is 2 handed i don’t benefit from taking a pistol so might as well take an amazingly destructive ap2 assault weapon. Great for use on 2+ armor units but be careful if they have an invul as that can stop the whole chain reaction early or or if your lucky wipe out a potentially irritating unit in one shot.

    Most of the legion specific relics are meh except for a couple.

    • For the Emperor

      Thank you Michael! Did you use the Praetor in a drop pod or part of a Deep Strike unit?

      • Michael Shaw

        planning on sticking it in my pimped out landraider phobos (aux drive, x armor, ceramite, multimelta, HK missle) with a legion command squad (3 with powersword and combat shield, 1 with fist and shield, one with banner and fist), a Centurion medicae (art armor, rec field and powersword) and when i get him, Horus.

        • Michael Shaw

          my only Droppod is a dreadclaw with 5 cata termies with LCs. DS turn 1 near enemy in hover mode, turn 2 move 6 inches or less towards target and the dismount and charge.

    • Sean Callaway

      Since when is a Paragon Blade two-handed? Was there an errata post-HH:B?

  • Michael Shaw

    With the combat Augment array, people were reading the rule as that you may make multiple dice rolls as 6 if you wanted in that turn and combining it with the centurion moritat’s chain fire special rule allowing infinite hits, creating a primarch killing suicide character. FW however confirmed that the augment only allows you to choose a single roll to become a 6, so best saved for your paragon blade. Just commenting here so that anyone who reads the article will hopefully see that it only affects a single roll.

    Person with crazy idea: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/302321-primarch-killing-suicide-moritat/
    Debate with FW emai: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/300012-combat-augment-array/

    • ImperialKnight

      Thank you Michael!!!