30K – Relics of the Dark Age of Technology – Part 6

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30K - Relics of the Dark Age of Technology - Part 6

30K – Relics of the Dark Age of Technology – Part 6

Relics of the Dark Age of Technology come from the Forgeworld Horus Heresy Book 4 – Conquest. There are 28 Relics available to Independent Characters provided they meet the limitations. Special Characters (i.e. Unique type) may not take Relics of the Dark Age of Technology. This is the final post reviewing these artifacts.

  • Conversion Dissonator (Word Bearers only) – Use of the Conversion Dissonator is declared at the start of any game turn, and is used for that one game turn only. While in effect, all Invulnerable saves, applicable to friend and foe alike, within 12″ of the bearer suffer a modifier of -2.

This artifact is situational but incredibly useful in dealing with Cataphractii Terminators or Contemptor Dreadnoughts. An Independent Character (i.e. Chaplain) with the Conversion Dissonator along with a Legion Tactical Support Squad equipped with Meltaguns and Plasma guns both being within 12″ of such a unit can spell their demise. However, this is also effective if the shooting comes from long range such as from a Legion Heavy Support Squad with Lascannons. For the cost of a Rapier, I think this artifact is worth every point in the presence of high AP support units.

  • Zeroth Conductor Shield (Salamander’s only) – Counts as a Combat Shield and any enemy unit that charges the bearer of the Zeroth Conductor Shield sustains D6 S8 AP2 Blind hits at Initiative Step 10.

This is could be a consideration for a Consul (i.e. Legion Champion) in a unit that wishes to deter being assaulted. However, for the cost of a Legion Centurion, a random D6 roll, and where the meta is filled with Cataphractii Terminators, its cost-effectiveness diminishes dramatically.

  • Fractal Harrow-Blade (Raven Guard only) – S+1 AP3 Melee, Rending, Bloody Ruin
    • Bloody Ruin – Every Wound caused by the bearer of the Fractal Harrow-Blade is counted as two Wounds for the purposes of determining assault results.

The Fractal Harrow-Blade is an interesting relic that looks to take advantage of Combat Resolve and an opportunity at a Sweeping Advance. In theory, this is excellent especially against power armor units. However, the majority of close combat centered units are wearing 2+ armor. The Rending is helpful but if the relic were AP2 with the Blood Ruin special rule, it would be perfect. Despite not being AP2, for the cost of a Drop Pod, I think it has its place on a Legion Champion.

  • The Drakaina (Alpha Legion only) – R12″ S4 AP4 Pistol, Poisoned, Rending, Flesh-phage
    • Flesh-phage – A unit which suffers one or more casualties from this weapon must take D6 Toughness tests at the start of every subsequent Alpha Legion Shooting phase. Each failed test results in a Wound being sustained, with no saves of any kind. This effect ceases should a Shooting phase pass without any such Wounds being sustained.

This artifact fits the Alpha Legion and has the potential to be an annoyance for the enemy. But the bearer needs to be close enough to use it which even with Infiltration may take several turns. In addition, the enemy unit is not likely to fail an armor save, unless Rending. I’m very iffy on this relic especially for the cost of a Techmarine Covenant.

Well that finishes the review of Relics of the Dark Age of Technology. As always let me know your thoughts.






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