30K – Sons of Horus – The Return to Davin

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Davin - Horus the Warmaster and Eugen Temba

30K – Horus the Warmaster returns to Davin’s Moon to confront the renegade Eugen Temba

Davin, Sixty-Three-Eight, was the eighth world conquered by the Warmaster and his 63rd Expeditionary Fleet during the Great Crusade. Bringing Davin into compliance was a joint effort between the Luna Wolves and the Word Bearers. The Davinite warriors were primitive and realizing they were outclassed offered their surrender. Horus impressed with their bravery as well as their willingness to adapt to the Imperial way spared their lives. Prior to leaving, Horus charged the planet’s Governorship to his close friend, Commander Eugen Temba. The re-education of the populous with the “Imperial Truth” fell upon the Word Bearers.

Soon after the 63rd Expeditionary Fleet left the system, a rebellion ensued on Davin’s moon. Commander Eugen Temba personally led the remaining forces to quell the insurrection. What occurred next is uncertain. It is believed the Temba and his men were quickly subdued and transfigured by Nurgle.

Sixty-years later the Word Bearer’s Chaplain Erebus goaded Horus with a report that his long time friend Eugen Temba had rebelled against the Imperium. Horus angered by his presumed friend’s betrayal set out to return to Davin and crush the rebellion. Upon arriving on the moon, Horus found Temba’s flagship, the Glory of Terra, and its men in prolonged decay. Soon afterwards the bodies became reanimated as Plague zombies catching the Imperial forces by surprise. During the ensuing battle, Horus and an elite assault group broke off and entered the Glory of Terra where he found a grossly disfigured and bloated Temba. During the confrontation, Temba attempted to sway Horus to Chaos. Despite Temba’s attempts, the Primarch would not waver. The proceeding combat resulted in Horus being severely injured by an ancient Xenos artifact, the Anathame.  The festering wound would bring about a chain of events that ultimately would result in Horus’s demise.


Horus Rising by Dan Abnett

False Gods by Graham McNeill

Davin - Horus the Warmaster and Eugen Temba

Davin – Horus the Warmaster and Eugen Temba

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