30k – Imperial Fists – Templar Brethren

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30K - Imperial Fists - Templar Brethren

30K – Imperial Fists – Templar Brethren

The Templar Brethren were the VIIth Legion’s elite warriors. The First Company never numbered less than 1000 and were the honored guardians of the Temple of Oaths on the flagship, the Phalanx. Despite being entrusted with this honor, they were sent wherever the Emperor’s Crusade required them. Their exceptional combat skills were augmented with the Mechanicum’s newest creations. To be a Templar was to embody all that was significant to the Imperial Fists.

Templar Brethren WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I4 A2 LD8 SV2+

Chapter Champion WS5 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I4 A2 LD9 SV2+

Unit Composition 4 Templar Brethren & 1 Chapter Champion with the ability to add 5 more Templar Brethren


  • Artificer Armour
  • Power Sword
  • Bolt Pistol
  • Frag & Krak Grenades

Special Rules

  • Legiones Astartes Imperial Fists
    • +1 BS when firing Bolt Pistols
    • Must offer a Challenge
    • Re-roll To-Hit rolls of 1’s in a Challenge
  • Furious Charge

Dedicated Transport Options

  • Legion Rhino
  • Land Raider Proteus
  • Land Raider Phobos

The Templar Brethren are an exceptional Elite choice for the Imperial Fists. They are well armed and have appropriately boosted Characteristics. Considering their available arsenal, Templars are a threat to both Infantry and Vehicles. Their standard wargear includes Artificer Armour and Power Sword which makes them quite effective against Power Armour. They are Weapon Skill 5, base attacks three (pistol & sword), and have the Furious Charge special rule. This means that a ten man unit on the Charge will have 40 attacks and will To-Hit and Wound on 3’s against most Infantry. Against Weapon Skill and Toughness 4, that’s approximately 26 hits resulting in 17 wounds. Against Power Armour that’s 17 dead marines or 11 dead marines if they have Feel No Pain (i.e. Apothecary). That is devastating even to a 20 man Tactical Squad.

Templar durability and effectiveness is increased with Combat Shields and Melta bombs. Combat Shields in my opinion are a must. They provide the unit with a 6+ and 5+ Invulnerable save against Shooting and Close Combat, respectively. The ladder is essential since the unit thrives in Close Combat. The entire squad can also be equipped with Melta bombs for a set point cost. By doing so, the unit expands its threat to include Vehicles and Walkers. These upgrades are not terribly point cost prohibitive and should be considered.

30K - Imperial Fists - Sigismund

30K – Imperial Fists – Sigismund

The Chapter Champion is unique in that he has 2 Wounds and has access to the Solarite Power Gauntlet (Sx2 AP1 Melee, Master-crafted, Unwieldy). The Gauntlet’s main benefit comes from providing a reliable source of low AP To-Hits in Close Combat. Extremely helpful against Terminators and alike. In Challenges, the Champion re-rolls 1’s To-Hit and if using the Gantlet has a re-roll from the Master-crafted special rule. The extra Wound can come in handy against ranged or close combat attacks that do not double his Toughness.

The Templar force multiplier is Sigismund. His presence in a detachment allows Templars to be taken as Troop choices. In addition, a unit joined by Sigismund would be Fearless, gain a +1 Initiative on the Charge, and is able to re-roll Charge distances as well as Sweeping Advances. In other words he makes Templars all that more lethal. Not to mention that Sigismund is a beast himself. Combining Sigismund with a unit of Templars is both narratively and tactically sound.

Currently, I’ve been using a unit of 10 Templars equipped with Combat Shields, Melta bombs, and a Champion armed with a Solarite Power Gauntlet. They’re deployed in Land Raider Phobos with Armoured Ceramite and Dozer Blade. The unit packs a punch but obviously becomes an early target. A Spartan with Sigismund and Templars is an attractive alternative that I’m looking forward to using. We’ll see how that goes in the weeks to come.

As always let me know your thoughts.


30K - Imperial Fists - Templar Brethren

30K – Imperial Fists – Templar Brethren

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