30K – Emperor’s Children – The Warning at Tarsus

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30K - Emperor's Children - The Warning at Tarsus

30K – Emperor’s Children – The Warning at Tarsus

Soon after the Cleansing of Laeran, the Emperor’s Children were tasked with spreading the “Imperial Truth” to a cluster of uninhabited planets. The planets themselves were lush paradises that Fulgrim pronounced as being “perfect.” Against the Emperor’s command, Fulgrim refused to garrison these worlds and left them untouched. Unbeknownst to Fulgrim, these planets were Eldar Maiden Worlds and his visits were being monitored by the renowned Farseer Eldrad Ulthran of the Ulthwe Craftworld.

Eldrad’s powerful foresight had fore seen Horus’s fall and associated rise of Chaos.  In an attempt to warn the Imperium, Eldrad’s ship appeared to the Emperor’s Children. In perfect Gothic Imperium, Eldrad hailed the flagship, the Pride of the Emperor, and requested a parlay. Against the advice of his commanders, Fulgrim accepted.

On the Maiden World of Tarsus, Eldrad along with an Eldar contingent met with Fulgrim and his command. After some pleasantries and dinner, Eldrad informed Fulgrim of Horus’s grievous injuries inflicted by Eugen Temba using the Anathame. Eldrad proceeded to explain how Horus was being corrupted and slowly turning to Chaos. Fulgrim, influenced by the Blade of the Laer, responded in outrage. The Phoenician’s anger escalated and he unsheathed his sword which was immediately recognized by Eldrad as being possessed by Slaanesh. Fulgrim orders his vanguard to “kill them all.” In the ensuing fight, Fulgrim kills Eldrad’s trusted advisor Khiraen Goldhelm, an ancient Wraithlord, as well as an Avatar of Khaine. The troubled Eldrad escapes while Fulgrim orders the virus bombing of all the Maiden Worlds as retaliation for the Eldar treachery.


Fulgrim by Graham McNeill

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30K - Emperor's Children - The Warning at Tarsus

30K – Emperor’s Children – The Warning at Tarsus

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  • Elliot

    Oh Fulgrim. For someone who strove so hard for perfection, you really did drop the ball in the run up to Horus’ fall!

  • That picture should be without Imperial ruins but with some natural terrain 😉 I terms of the strory, I am curious if Fulgrim will dare to give Eldrad respect for this 😉

    • ImperialKnight

      So very true! 😛 Unfortunately, this was the terrain I had available when I decided to take the pictures. Looking forward to seeing what roll the Emperor’s Children play in future books. It seems that since Fulgrim underwent his great transformation the EC have disappeared from the story line.